Dynamos FC

Liga Norcal - NorCal Premier

Mission in Full

Building Players

Dynamos FC are committed to building a soccer culture centered around our community. This involves not only the sense of pride that comes with being a member of a strong club, but also offers a fun environment in which to cultivate a culture of community service.

Dynamos FC will be a club known for putting players ahead of all else. The players will be provided with a safe and fun environment conducive to maximizing their development. 

We want to transfer our extensive experience and passion to the next generation of players. Our objective is to provide an engaging and holistic soccer experience at the highest level. Our focus will be to provide high standards of training, strong coaches, and to teach the players to understand the game. We want to take our players to whatever level of the game they wish to reach. 


Building The Community

We care about our community and we will have a local charities page that will allow us to help you contribute to, or highlight, any program that needs help. We will be holding charity events each season.