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Developing the youth players:   How do we do it?

  • Teaching the players to understand the game: It is so important to teach the players to read and understand the game. Good athletes moves fast, great athletes move and think fast. Drills alone are not enough to create a soccer player.
  • Incentives to train outside of practice times: Children around the world play soccer on the streets for hours a day. In this area we don't tend to as much and it puts us at a disadvantage. Dynamos FC will encourage the soccer culture as a whole and provide opportunities for children to develop passion for the game.
  • Video analysis: Very often the best way to learn is to watch yourself do something wrong and correct it, or watch yourself do something right and receive praise. With various online tools Dynamos FC coaches can give the players "homework" where they watch clips of their play. It is fun and very rewarding. We will also have team video analysis nights with a pizza and a bit of fun.
  • Fitness and conditioning: The world that children live in today is simply not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Children socialize and interact more and more using electronics. The world is at their fingertips and they don't have to play outside to entertain themselves. We need to take that into account and work on fitness more than ever. Our teams will have a third practice in the week dedicated to conditioning, speed, agility, coordination, and strength. This practice will be in a gym or at a field and will be run by a professional.
  • Motor skills: Continuing from the theme above, children don't climb trees or navigate fences etc as much as they used to. A scientific group carried out a study over the last 15 years that has proven the need for motor skills and coordination training for children. They have to be taught how to move, how to manipulate their bodies, and even how to fall. This is important from an injury prevention point of view as well as general wellness.
  • Style of play: We will play both a possession style and a counter attacking style