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Better Ball Handling
Every coaching session includes ball handling fundamentals.


Improved Flexibility & Range of Motion
Stretching is a critical part of any athletic routine and vital for injury prevention. Coach Higgins, with a degree in kinesiology, will head the injury prevention department.


Correct Footwork Application
Players need to learn the mechanics of soccer movement and how foot placement affects overall coordination within the game.


​Understanding & Reading The Game
The most technically gifted players won't be effective without an understanding of how the game works.


Improved Decision Making Abilities
Decision making and strategy are a part of any game, including soccer. We will be challenging the players to problem solve on their feet and adapt to new situations on their own.


Motor skills
An extension of our footwork, the motor skills development will take the player's whole body mechanics and coordination to the next level.  


Video analysis
Visual feedback is widely recognized as one of the best teaching tools at a coach's disposal. We will be using video software to help players excel and understand their own game as well as the game at large. 


Player Monitoring
LFC IAA Bay Area will use player monitoring equipment during games at the adult level to help improve the players' running patterns and use of energy.