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Road To The Final: Inocentes Futbol Club

Fort Worths Finest is Looking to Claim the UPSL Title for Texas
Published Feb 8, 2019

By Diego Diaz / For UPSL Media


Recent History:

Inocentes FC’s play in the UPSL started just one year ago but their club’s rich history dates a lot further than that. Origins of the team go as far as Jalisco, Mexico, over the course of almost a century. A wave of migration in the 1970s brought the Inocentes FC name to Fort Worth, Texas. While the team has had family ties with current club president Mario Alcalá all throughout its history, it now seeks to maintain those same familial bonds which make the team so unique but also grow and bring together people of different backgrounds.

Inocentes FC’s first season in the UPSL was considered by many a huge success, making it all the way to the 2018 Spring Season National Quarterfinals. However, if you ask the club’s representatives, they’d say they were disappointed. Team President Mario Alcala, in response to being asked about their team's appearance in the UPSL National Quarterfinals last year said, “You know the guys are mentally prepared to not have that happen again.”

2018 Fall Season:

A season later they regrouped and made sure they let their presence be known to teams all around the country. They had a strong season but faced some bumps along the way in the form of division rivals Dallas Elite FC. After two 2-0 defeats in the regular season to Dallas Elite FC it sure looked as if a third defeat in the playoffs was destined for Inocentes FC.

2018 Fall Postseason:

In the Central Conference Final, Inocentes FC were able to turn the tables, dig deep and get the 2-0 victory over Dallas Elite FC.  After that, they then went on to face a strong Germantown City FC team where they pulled off a 3-1 victory as a result of capitalizing on their opportunities when it mattered most.

On Playing in the UPSL National Championship:

The biggest match up yet looms in the way of California United FC II who have been dominating opponents. Alcalá talked about the preparation going in saying, “Thanks to the partnership with Mycujoo, we have been able to analyze and kind of look at their games (and) I'm sure they did the same thing with us.”

Inocentes FC are no stranger to being underdogs and coming up big when it matters most. When asked about the matchup Alcalá said, “It’s going to come down to focus and concentration, and to the execution of the game plan.”